Sunday, September 25, 2022

Welcome! I'm Back Up And Running With A Brand New Look

That's right, I'm back up and running. I lost the site I was using for this blog, The Liberty Of It All due to some finical issues and my un-organization..... I'm trying to find someone to blame that last part on but so far, I'm out of luck with that. This loss means that all of my previous posts are no longer available to me so I'm starting from the beginning so to speak. 

I do use Happy Planner calendars and I love them. I love the sticker and the lay out of the books and all the things of the things about it but, I don't use them correctly, like picking up my calendar every day to see what is coming up for the day. Lessons learned! 

Happy Planner books are also a favorite of mine because I use them for not taking, journaling, keeping Bible study and Verse study ideas in, blogging ideas and so much more.  Check out the link below to find them on Amazon. 

The Happy Planner Store on Amazon:

My Happy Planners! 
Happy Planner Love!

SunnyPoint 3-Tier Delicate Compact Rolling Metal Storage Organizer - Mobile Utility Cart

I'm super excited to be back with my blog ready to share life with Y'all.

There are some challenging and exciting things coming up in my near future and it's going to be fun and full of opportunity. Opportunity for what I'm not real sure of but opportunity abounds, or something like that.

 My photography has picked up some steam in the past year and I'm getting the Views From My Car blog revamped along with my other blogs. I'm trying to get them all pointed to this blog and those blogs pointed out them. It's a learning curve and I don't always have the energy to work on them before I forget some new thing I learned to do with Anyway, I have 2 online shops where I see merch with my photos on the things which are numerous and fun and you can wear it or hang it in your house or office or put together a puzzle or even shower behind the shower curtain you can put it on. Of course, I will be posting about all those things and where you can find them.

 I'm also an associate with Amazon. I'm telling people that I got my associates degree from Amazon. How it works is that if I tell you about an item that I have from Amazon that I like or that I think would be a good product to have then I will post the link to it, just like I did above with The Happy Planner, and when someone clicks on the link and then purchase that item then I get a small commission. It's not much but a girl needs some gas to put in the car!

 While you're clicking around on links, be sure to check out the links on top of the daily posts and along the sides of the post to find my shops and other blogs. They all need some work so be kind or ignore the poor organization on a few of them. I did just finish revamping by blog about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is at the core of my health issues. So, if you are wonding what in the world that is or you know someone who has EDS then go take a look. You will learn stuff for sure! 

 My goal is to post at least once a week on my blogs. I have several of them so maybe twice a week is possible but once a week sounds more realistic for a person in good health but that's not me. There are many days when all of my brain power is busy taking care of my pain and fatigue and keeping my blood pressure levels normal or normal for me. I tend to have a low BP and sometimes it get too low for even me. Goals are good to have but I've learned that I can't beat myself up over not reaching goals that are out of my league so I have to set realistic goals for myself and be flexible with those once I set them. It's good to take things slow and easy at times.

 I love writing and visiting with folks so it's not going to be very hard for me to think of things to say and it all else fails, I can come up with a story on any topic that will keep you giggling. It might not make a bit of sense to anyone but me but it will for sure challenge your brain to think outside of boring.

 Ok, so, share the video up there at the top of the post and invite people to come along with us for some fun adventures.

 Thanks for stopping by!