Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Flowers & Hearts, Heart & Flowers Coloring Book

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Flowers & Hearts, Heart & Flowers

FLowers are given from the the Heart and Hearts - full of candy or draw or created - are given from the Heart. That's why I wanted to combine flowers inside of hearts.

Ya'll it's almost time to show your special person how special they are to you. If your lovey loves to color I have the perfect coloring book for them. Click on the link this relaxing coloring book. If you don't have a lovey to show you how much you are loved then show yourself some love and get one for yourself, or get one if you like to color.

This coloring book is made special for your needs, it has simple and fun therapeutic pages for coloring!

If you are a coloring book expert, or a beginner, or you have trouble seeing the smaller busier designs in other coloring books, or have stiff fingers and wrist joints, or even if you want to practice shading techniques to get to the next level of your art then this is the right book for you!

Keep your brain active by tapping into your imagination to color the illustrations in this book with traditional colors or create a whole new world with your own creative mind which also will help relieve stress.

No matter how you decide to use this coloring book it is a tool to use for relaxation, creativity and supporting fine motor skills for keeping your fingers and wrist from feeling so stiff without too many details and lines to color that would be taxing on your joints.

©Check out some of these tips for this book!
Try using colored pencils as shading with them can result in beautiful results.
If you want you can use colored ink pen.
You can also use bleed free markers. Just check the product details to see if they are bleed free.
Don’t forget about crayons, they are always fun to color with.
Use the Palte Page at the back of the book to test your medium of choice to see if will be a good choice for this book.
When I color in my books, I always slide a sheet or two of notebook paper or plain white paper behind the page I am coloring so that I don’t leave and bleed through medium or indentions of the next page.
Don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines and fill in the edges of the pages with your own designs!

In this unique coloring book, you will find:

* Enjoyable lighthearted easy to see illustrations to color.
* Single-sided pages to prevent color bleed through to the next
* Illustrations that are suitable for young teen to adult.
* Illustrations to help enhance your artistic skills and engage your
*Practice shading techniques to get to the next level of your
* Stress relieving illustrations for relaxation and supporting fine motor
* Great for exercising stiff fingers and wrist joints
* High-Resolution Printing.
* Book size: 8.5" x 11"
* 53 coloring pages

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