Friday, November 10, 2023

Thanksgiving the Fishy way! How the Fish & their friends saved the Pilgrims.

Today I am introducing my bran new children's Thanksgiving Story called Thanksgiving the Fishy Way! How the Fish & their friends saved the Pilgrims.

It's really a very cute story in poem form about how without the fish the Pilgrims may have never made it to the shore of America. Go Check out my book on Amazon so you can grab one in time for Thanksgiving to read to your kids or grandkids. Don't forget to leave a review once you receive your book.

Thanksgiving The Fishy Way - How the Fish and their friends helped Save the Pilgrims

Here is the back of the book and the front of the book, as if it were laid out flat. 

I also have a fun coloring book for Thanksgiving. If you need an activity for to keep the kids busy or you need to relax after a busy day this is the coloring book for you!

This is a really fun and cute coloring book! 

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